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All and sundry gasps all the rage shock, although when Jang-mi lifts the stone, we see so as to the cherry diamond is dust — it was a act. Lee Yeon-kyung as Soo-hwan's mistress. He asks but she did a backdrop check although she a minute ago dismisses his concerns, drawn reminding him to approach to her hospital designed for a fitness check ahead. Gi Tae reminds her that she was the one to suggested they go eat. When they arrive, Ki-tae says so as to since this is the last age, she has his agreement to achieve the biggest scene she can. Because they abandon the pub room, he tells his friend headed for end things cleanly amid the daughter he was ready headed for break awake with. He teases her out of her grump, but all the rage voiceover Jang-mi says so as to back afterwards, they certainly not expected the worst life-twist that was ahead designed for their bridal. Remind me, who are you headed for him again? Just at the same time as that condemnation leaves her mouth, Yeo Reum pops into the store after that asks so as to they be off eat. Hyun Hee, although pouring him another alcoholic drink, reminds him that he has her. Yeo-reum approaches them afterwards grabs Ki-tae in a bear-hug after Ki-tae pouts that he only greeted Jang-mi.

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Dad closes the restaurant after that drinks soju with Gi Tae. Bring to an end to Hoon Dong, who wakes awake and freaks out as he realizes that he slept along with Hyun Hee. At a nice beautiful location, Yeo Reum tells Jang Mi about how he was the lone that made the pancakes with her kimchi afterwards about how his mom abandoned him. Yeon Woo-jin as Award Gi-tae A year-old doing well plastic doctor with an abrasive celebrity. Pretty absolutely she a moment ago invented a whole another level of passive-aggression. All the rage order en route for get charged, she begins to blackmail Gi-tae hooked on giving her his sperm. Dad shows up afterwards Mom admits to having invited him, but Hyun-hee comes headed for get Ki-tae before he can adopt any of this. Gi Tae reminds her so as to she was the lone that suggested they be off eat. How can they take bringing a person into this world as a result lightly bar Se Ah says so as to she has all the resources basic to augment a adolescent.



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