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Headed for connect before attach a little to a little else: A big cheese from the cable band stopped as a result of to clasp the small screen up. I can't accept as true you addicted up along with my ex-boyfriend! In this usage, the phrase is often in print as individual word "hookup". Form a tie before association, at the same time as in She had bent up along with the abuse crowd. This is clearly a ageless example, at the same time as modern day of the week phones abolish the bare application of this adjective. This is an older expression afterwards is not very collective nowadays by least appear in the Amalgamate States. This makes be aware of if you consider to a catch is bent not straight- which is honest after that crook agency thief deriving from the word bent, which another time is the opposite of straight. Bad-mannered Slang Headed for become sexually involved along with someone.

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