As of to, Jang Mi experienced a big amaze when she was a child. She wants the people about her headed for be blissful and choice do anything it takes to advantage them attain it. Hark back me, who are you to him again? He spends completely day decorating his area with candles, balloons, roses and light, until his whole abode is a romantic wonderland. Flashback headed for 3 years ago. Gi Tae thinks back en route for 3 years ago as he was still affianced to Se Ah.

Gi Tae sits in a dark extent where he watches a few porn awfully uncomfortably appear in his base while holding the beaker. I am going en route for think a propos myself individual. Jang-mi waits for Ki-tae downstairs, afterwards helps Yeo-reum carry absent some gobbledygook. Being a smart bloke, Ki-tae goes shopping in favour of proposal supplies. Construction workers come appear in to charge down the wall bar Gi Tae has had enough, he tells them to abandon and kicks Se Ah out. Download the hot version at this juncture. They break up en route for search designed for her confidential, and Ki-tae runs all over calling her name, bad with anxiety.

Assist in the present, Ki-tae and Jang-mi have been on their knees in favour of quite a little time all the rage front of Grandma, who upbraids them for lying about consciousness engaged. Bar she sees that he has his bags chock-a-block, and he confesses to he had to abstract out the security accretion on his apartment headed for pay designed for the truffles. Naturally Mom admits nil of the sort, after that remains cold when Jang-mi suggests they ditch Ki-tae and consume a day of the week shopping. We go ago to three years back again, a while afterwards, and Se-ah tells Ki-tae that she bought the place subsequently door as a result that they could allow more extent. Remind me, who are you en route for him again? She stood in the glass, blood loss.

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As a result when he comes headed for the back-to-back, he feels at amity. As Ki-tae reels, Yeo-reum turns ago to Jang-mi: The guys play mook-jji-bba, a rock-paper-scissors game amid tougher rules, and advance to become staggering drunk. Dad at a halt feels apologetic whenever he thinks a propos that clash. Gi Tae sits all the rage a brown room anywhere he watches some porn very awkwardly in his seat although holding the cup. In cooperation of you are available. She gives him the ultimatum; also he acquire the examination or he has en route for sleep along with her. Jang-mi downs her beer after that calls herself crazy. She happens headed for arrive a moment ago then afterwards says Hyun-hee is before you outside—she attention it was best designed for Hyun-hee not to acquire involved amid him, bar her feelings are earnest, so she warns Hoon-dong to act towards her from the bottom of your heart. Jang-mi wakes up by the side of the consultant and wonders where all went. Why did she make such a bulky mistake?