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They were an inch absent from kissing! When Assistant stood awake and assumed "I akin to him, let's hire him! Austin wore blue all the rage every arena of the episode, aside from in 2 scenes, which is individual of the main Auslly colors. As soon as the kiss, before they hugged, Austin looked Collaborator lovingly afterwards had a huge grin on his face. Collaborator says 'Well, rules are rules' amid a beam, as but she actually wanted en route for kiss Austin. Ally required Brooke headed for win a date, as Austin didn't like her and Assistant wouldn't air threatened. Austin put his arm all over Ally at some point in the act They were acting awfully much akin to a connect in this episode. Collaborator looked actually hurt after Kira came and told Austin she would be his girlfriend and hugged him. As they're bombardment the carry on scene, Collaborator is meeting on Austin's chair.

Video: LAURA MARANO & Piper Reese Talk Dating, Ross Lynch Talk & SINGING LIVE AUSTIN and ALLY!

Today's Top Stories

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They purposely went under the mistletoe. Austin said to Ally deserved to be calm at the spa. Austin said to they were squeezing a month of dates addicted to one weekend. Throughout the kiss, Austin was holding Ally compactly. Ally alleged she bidding always be there in favour of Austin.

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Austin said headed for Ally to she rocked on act. After Jimmy told Austin to abandon the basketball team all the rage case he hurts himself and won't be adept to accomplish the performance, Ally felt bad designed for him. They looked by each erstwhile and nervously said "Weird. Austin wished her accomplished luck by the side of making her record.

More Laura Marano News:

Austin told Dez not headed for scare Collaborator. Austin carried Ally above his shoulders. Austin afterwards Ally approved that their kiss was really able and breathtaking. After Jimmy told Austin to desert the basketball team appear in case he hurts himself and won't be bright to achieve the performance, Ally felt bad in favour of him. They were pleased to all other at the grand piano.

Austin made a singing licence for Collaborator. They played table soccer together. After Ally was playing the piano Austin was looking and bright and breezy at her and it looked akin to he was looking by the side of her lips. When Assistant turned Gavin down, Austin was surprised. When they were downfall tablecloth they touched hands for a while. Austin was change that Assistant wanted en route for end their partnership. Austin was agitated when he heard so as to Jimmy asked to break to Collaborator. Ally wished him amusement on his tour. As Austin defunct the chant, he smiled at Collaborator.